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Study: Pay for corporate board members jumps 4% to $250,000

August 27th, 2015 No comments
Annual compensate for outward directors reached the quarter-million-dollar symbol for initial time, according to a inform by Towers Watson. (Photo: Thinkstock)

Annual compensate for outward directors reached the quarter-million-dollar symbol for initial time, according to a inform by Towers Watson. (Photo: Thinkstock)

Directors of Fortune 500 companies consequence some-more than a entertain million dollars annually, according to a brand new investigate which marks median compensate for house members.

Compensation for non-executive house members rose 4% from $240,000 in 2013 to $250,000 in 2014, an all-time high, Towers Watson found.

Stock awards represented a larger commission of house remuneration as marketplace increases fueled growth. While median money remuneration for house directors stayed prosaic at $100,000, median batch remuneration ticked up 7% to scarcely $140,000.

Board members embrace about 56% of their remuneration by batch and 44% by cash.

Towers Watson complicated 470 publicly traded Fortune 500 companies.

The association pronounced fewer companies have been restraining remuneration to the series of meetings scheduled via the year.

“Moderate annual increases in senior manager remuneration have turn the norm. They means companies some-more carry out over compensation,” pronounced Paul Conley, U.S. West multiplication personality for senior manager remuneration at Towers Watson, in a statement.

“As final and pressures on directors go on to rise, quite by cabinet work and ongoing regulatory changes, we design companies will go on to weigh their senior manager remuneration programs in sequence to capture and keep the many competent directors and safeguard ongoing competitiveness.”

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No dough, boy? General Mills slashes CEO’s pay 6%

August 11th, 2014 No comments

X00007_9Soggy sales and wilting earnings  sliced into  the compensate package of General Mills (GIS) CEO Ken Powell.

The marketer of Cheerios cereal, Pillsbury bakery products and Green Giant vegetables  paid Powell  2014 mercantile year remuneration valued at $8.1 million, a 6% dump from 2013.  Powell gained an additional $7.4 million from vested shares and sportive formerly awarded batch options, General Mills pronounced Monday in an annual substitute filing.

General Mills, that posted drops in cereal, mix and unfeeling sales, reported altogether mercantile 2014  revenue rose only 0.7% to $17.9 billion. Net gain fell 2% to $1.82 billion.

Shareholders enjoyed a rather some-more gratifying year. Total shareholder lapse was up 13% for the past mercantile year, vs. 18% for the Standard & Poors 500. Over the past 10 years, General Mills returned 212%, vs. 109% for the S&P 500.

Powell, 60, assimilated General Mills in 1979 and became CEO in 2006.


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Missing the mark: Lions Gate CEO pay package $66.3M, not $63.6M

August 1st, 2014 No comments

TV and movie college of music Lions Gate Entertainment says it under-reported the 2014 mercantile year remuneration package of CEO Jon Feltheimer by about $3 million.

In an nice substitute filing  Friday, Lions Gate valued Feltheimer’s remuneration package at $66.3 million, not  the $63.6 million it reported Tuesday in the annual substitute statement.  Lions Gate says the $11.7 million batch endowment to Feltheimer is essentially value $14.4 million. The association says it practical the wrong value to Feltheimer’s batch award.

Feltheimer, 62, additionally perceived batch options valued at $41.5 million, $8.8 million inducement endowment and $1.46 million salary.  Total remuneration is up 426% over mercantile 2013. Directors concurred his “significantly higher” comp package, but pronounced the options will yield incentives by Feltheimer’s five-year contract. “We do not now expect which Mr. Feltheimer will embrace any one more grants during the term,” Lions Gate said.

Jennifer Lawrence in Hunger Games. (AP)

Jennifer Lawrence in Hunger Games. (AP)

Lions Gate’s portfolio includes the Hunger Games and Divergent film franchises, TV’s Mad Men and Netflix strike Orange is the New Black.  Fiscal 2014 income fell 2.9% to $2.63 billion and net income forsaken 34.5%, to $152 million. Lions Gate’s 12.8% batch benefit additionally trailed 32% benefit by the S&P 500.

How Feltheimer’s remuneration package compares to alternative party attention execs?

CBS CEO Leslie Moonves’ perceived remuneration value $65.6 million, an additional $47 million from vested shares and sportive formerly awarded batch options.

Walt Disney valued CEO Robert Iger’s remuneration at $34 million, and $72.4 million from vested shares and sportive formerly awarded batch options.

Discovery Communications CEO David Zaslav perceived remuneration valued at $33 million, and $58.7 million sportive formerly awarded batch options and $26.6 million from vested shares.



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Nike CEO’s 2014 compensation valued at $14.7 million

July 25th, 2014 No comments
Mark Parker

Mark Parker

Nike CEO Mark Parker pulled in $14.7 million in 2014 mercantile year compensation, a dump of scarcely 5%, the jaunty shoe and attire hulk pronounced Friday.

Parker’s income and batch awards remained radically unvaried at a total  $5 million, but he perceived options valued at $2.45 million final year, vs. a $4.2 million choice accede to in 2013, Nike pronounced in the annual substitute statement.

Parker additionally perceived a performance-based inducement devise endowment value $6.5 million, up from $5.5 million in 2013. Nike pronounced it increasing Parker’s targeted inducement endowment to 170% of his bottom  salary from 2013′s 150% aim to “align with (the) market.”

Parker additionally gained $12 million sportive formerly awarded batch options and an additional $5.3 million from vested shares.  Parker, 58, has been with Nike given 1979 and CEO given Jan 2006.

Revenue rose 14% to $28.8 billion final year, whilst net income was up 10%  to $2.7 billion.  Nike shares rose 22% during the past mercantile year finished Jun 30.

Medtronic CEO’s comp rises 35%

July 11th, 2014 No comments

AX110_3619_9 (2)Medtronic CEO Omar Ishrak’s remuneration jumped 35% to $12.1 million final year, the healing inclination association says.

The bulk of Ishrak’s gains came from a $2.7 million batch choice award, up from $2.1 million in 2013, and a $4.7 million inducement award, up from $2.4 million in 2013, according to a Friday substitute filing. The inducement payouts were formed on income growth, gain per share and money flow, Medtronic said.

Ishrak additionally perceived some-more than $3 million in stock, $1.4 million in income and perks valued at some-more than $52,000, together with a $40,000 annual allowance. He gained an additional $2.1 million from vested association shares.

Medtronic shares rose some-more than 40% in 2013.

Ishrak, 58, before conduct of General Electrics’ Healthcare Systems division, was declared CEO in 2011. Last month, the association voiced skeleton to buy Ireland-based aspirant Covidien for $42.9 billion.