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Money Management, Lucy Ricardo Style

January 24th, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

With all the grave monetary headlines we have been conference for the 2009 year, it’s kind of frightful to think about income and what lies ahead. I cite to leave the income issues to those who know a lot some-more about it than me. I still live (much to my husband’s dismay!) in what I call my “Lucy Ricardo” –>
 world of money. Remember her approach of determining which bills get paid and which ones don’t? Throwing the total smoke-stack up in to the air and usually profitable the ones which land face up? That creates clarity to me! Hey, Lucy couldn’t bypass a pleasing brand new shawl only since there were bills to pay. I can sympathize. Sometimes there have been only a small equipment which strech out of those emporium windows and grab me….forcing me to buy them. Maybe I need a commercial operation physical education instructor similar to Mr. Hickcox. He worked good for a small whilst until Lucy outsmarted him as well with her own small grocery selling business. I would have desired which small side business. In fact, “The commercial operation Manager” is one of my the one preferred episodes. I instruct Lucy Ricardo were my neighbor. I’d love to share a freezer with an complete cow’s value of beef to save income I think she had a small good ideas

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