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Bigger Zoom With Less Blur: Cyber-shot(TM) HX Series Cameras With Full HD Video

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SS+K Hires Kash Sree as Chief Creative Officer and Partner

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Bridge Bank to Participate in the Fifth Annual AlwaysOn OnMedia Conference in New York City

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DTR – Shares in Issue

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31 Jan 2011

(“Sheba” or the “Company”)

DTR – Shares in Issue

In suitability with the FSA’s Disclosure and Transparency Rules, Sheba Exploration (UK) Plc confirms
that as of 31 Jan 2011 the Company has 103,676,665 Ordinary Shares of 0.75p any in issue.

The choosing by casting votes rights of all of these shares have been identical.

The Directors of Sheba have been obliged for the essence of this announcement.

Contact Details:
Sheba Exploration (UK) Plc
Richard Brooker
Tel: 00 353 87699 8401

Corporate Adviser:
St Helens Capital Partners LLP
Duncan Vasey/Mark Anwyl
Tel: 020 7368 6959

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Gilpas Radon Results and Progress Report

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All Star Minerals plc
(“All Star Minerals” or “the Company”)

Gilpas Radon Results and Progress Report


* Radon formula from the Gilpas uranium plan magnify the rarely supernatural section from
c.6,000 block metres to c.8,000 block metres, and the ubiquitous supernatural section from 157,500 square
metres to 230,000 block metres.

* Likely bedrock source of boulders hosting up to 29% uranium at Gilpas is right away encompassed.

* Drilling programs for the Gilpas uranium plan and the Samon uranium, thorium, and rare
earth aim submitted to the Swedish Mines Inspector.

* Drilling at Gilpas scheduled to embark in Apr with the design of announcing a
lass JORC indicated apparatus in the third entertain of 2011.

* Drilling at Samon scheduled to embark in May with the design of bargain the
bedrock geology and probable uranium, and singular earth mineralization.

* Further investigate at the Samon looseness has identified a clever captivating curiosity at the
north of the looseness over 750,000 block metres, host to a probable magnetite ore body. Further
scrutiny work will embark in the entrance weeks to conclude the prolongation of this magnetite

All Star, the Swedish focused uranium and singular earth component scrutiny and growth company,
is gratified to inform the formula from the new radon consult at the Gilpas uranium project, and
to outline the skeleton for the growth of the plan portfolio.


The Gilpas uranium plan comprises dual constant licences which cover a sum of 51 square
kilometres. Gilpas is located in the Arjeplogg Uranium District, and is situated in close
proximity to the Pleutajokk (20km north-west) and Skuppesavon (25km north) uranium deposits, both
of which have been interpreted to be epigenetic vein-type deposits.

In 1980-1981 dual high-grade uranium mineralized boulders were detected inside of tighten vicinity of
each alternative at Gilpas, both of which returned unusually high-grades of 29% (290,000 tools per
million) uranium. All Star has focussed the scrutiny work on identifying the bedrock source of
these high-grade uranium boulders by endeavour 3 radon surveys regulating Alpha Track radon
detector cups, which have right away resulted in the expected bedrock source being encompassed.

The Company has used dual cut-off readings from the radon gas surveys to delineate the bedrock
source of the uranium mineralization. Using a tall cut-off of 150 marks per block millimetre
(>150 t/mm2), 9 supernatural zones have been defined, closely located and fluctuating in a north-
west by south-east citation for c.500 metres, and totalling 8,000 block metres.

Significantly, the site of one of the boulders which returned a class of 29% uranium is located
directly at the southern tip of the southern-most section using >150 t/mm2, while the second 29%
uranium stone is located without delay c.125 meters down-ice.

Using a reduce cut-off celebration of the mass from the radon gas surveys of >100 t/mm2 a ubiquitous supernatural section is
delineated covering c.230,000 block metres.


“We have been gay with the formula returned from the radon surveys at Gilpas, and hold which we
have right away included in a mailing the bedrock source of the high-grade uranium boulders. Although radon gas is
mobile, the density of the freezing compartment overlying the bedrock is usually estimated at up to five
metres, which gives us a clever declaration which the anomalies returned from the radon contemplating may
portray the bedrock uranium mineralization.

We have submitted skeleton for an primary 500 metre training module at Gilpas to the Swedish Mines
Inspector. The cavalcade module will exam 50 comparison points to the bedrock/glacial overburden
interface. Where certain formula have been identified from onsite scintillometer readings of sampled
material, serve solid training of bedrock will be tested.

This primary cavalcade module will capacitate us to assimilate the class of uranium we have been seeking at,
the density of the mineralization, and, if enough certain formula have been obtained, capacitate us
to inform a lass indicated JORC resource.

Our calendar is to embrace accede to cavalcade from the Mines Inspector during the initial quarter,
with training to embark in April, and formula and the lass JORC indicated apparatus reported
during the third quarter.

Our believe of the Gilpas plan gives us the certainty which it will infer to be a company
maker. Due to the uranium mineralization being at bedrock surface, joined with the class we are
targeting, the economics of the plan could be superb. We demeanour brazen to gripping shareholders
informed over the entrance weeks of swell at Gilpas.”


Samon is a twenty-eight block kilometre licence, located twenty kilometres north-west of the Jokkmokk
municipality. Recent investigate undertaken by the Company suggests which the looseness has the
potential to host dual utterly apart deposits.

The initial aim lies at the south of the looseness in an area of tall radioactivity, and is
targeting uranium, thorium, and singular earth mineralization. To date, this aim section has hosted a
boulder which has returned grades of 0.05% uranium and 3.5% thorium, as good as phosphates of rare
earths, together with cerium and yttrium. The aim at the south of the Samon looseness is a

Carbonatites have been really singular and singular stone types, which host many of the largest singular earth
element deposits in the universe such as the Bayan-Obo cave in China, the largest singular earth cave in
the world, and the Mountain Pass cave in California, America.

The Company has submitted a training module to the Mines Inspector of Sweden with a perspective to
undertaking bedrock interface sampling, which will capacitate it to have a far clearer understanding
of the bedrock geology and probable mineralization.

The second aim lies at the north of the looseness where the Company has detected a strong
magnetic curiosity opposite a successive area of 750,000 block metres, which it believes has the
potential to host a magnetite deposit. Further work is programmed to embark in the entrance weeks to
define the prolongation of this magnetite target.


“I am gratified which we will be commencing work on the Samon licence, and bargain some-more about
the geology of the dual targets right away identified at the licence.”

The Directors of All Star have been obliged for the essence of this announcement.

Dr January Ola Larsson (Fil. Kand, PhD, DIC) has reviewed and authorized the technical information
contained inside of this proclamation in his genius as a competent person. Dr Larsson is the
Company’s Chief Geologist, and has over thirty years applicable knowledge inside of the healthy resources



All Star Minerals Plc
Conrad Windham, CEO
Telephone: 020 3130 0674

Corporate Advisor

St Helens Capital Partners LLP
Duncan Vasey or Mark Anwyl
Telephone: 020 7368 6959

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India’s Refining Capacity to Grow 40% by 2016, an Industrial Info News Alert

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Chevron 2010 Net Income Rises 81% From 2009 Doldrums, an Industrial Info New Alert

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Update on Firawa Project in Guinea, West Africa

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ACN 009 087 852
Telephone: +618 9322 4071, Fax: +618 9322 4073

ASX, AIM and Media Release
31 Jan 2011

Update on Firawa Project, West Africa

Firawa Uranium Project
* Commencement of pre-feasibility activities
* GBM Engineering allocated to lead the metallurgical contrast and routine design
* SGS allocated to embark far-reaching trimming environmental and anthropomorphic surveys

International uranium association Forte Energy NL (ASX/AIM: FTE; “Forte Energy” or “the Company”) announces an
update on activites at the 100% owned Firawa Uranium Project in Guinea, West Africa.

Appointment of contractors
The Company has allocated UK formed vegetable engineering consultants, GBM Engineering, to lead the
metallurgical contrast and routine pattern plan for the Firawa Uranium Project.

Preliminary metallurgical contrast has been undertaken formerly with certain results, but a more
comprehensive contrast system of administration will right away embark with the finish pattern of building a full Uranium/Rare
Earth Element (REE) routine design. The routine will embark rught away with suitable laboratories
being comparison and the credentials of samples in Guinea.

Environmental Baseline Studies
In addition, the Company has allocated tellurian engineering organisation SGS to embark the compared environmental
and anthropomorphic surveys in the segment of the Firawa deposit. These studies have been far-reaching trimming but will
cover dual extended issues:

1. As Firawa is a tall rainfall area, the Company considers it advantageous to magnitude of course occurring
credentials levels of uranium and alternative metals in soils and H2O opposite a far-reaching area prior to any vital ground
unfortunate activities have been undertaken.

2. The segment is populated, with multiform small villages inside of 5km of the deposit. Studies will
embody a severe census of the internal race and studies of internal land make use of in sequence to yield a bottom line
for after studies of the amicable stroke of any mining development.

These studies will be undertaken in a approach so as to form the basement of grave Environmental and Social Impact
studies for acquiescence to the Guinea supervision as partial of the pre-feasibility investigate and mining permit

Mark Reilly
Managing Director

For serve inform contact:

Mark Reilly, Managing Director
Forte Energy NL Tel: +44 (0) 203 300 0187

Robin Henshall/Tim Graham
Matrix Corporate Capital LLP Tel: +44 (0) 203 206 7000

Jos Simson/Emily Fenton
Tavistock Communications Tel: +44 (0) 207 920 3150

Nicholas Read/Paul Armstrong
Read Corporate Tel: +61 (0) 8 9388 1474

Stuart Laing
RFC Corporate Finance Ltd Tel: +61 (0) 8 9480 2506
(AIM Nominated Adviser to the Company)


The inform in this inform that relates to Exploration Results is formed on inform gathered by Mr.
Bosse Gustafsson, who is a Member of the European Federation of Geologists, a ‘Recognised Overseas
Professional Organisation’ (‘ROPO’) enclosed in a list promulgated by the ASX from time to time. Mr
Gustafsson is a full time Technical Director of Forte Energy NL and is obliged for exploration
activities in Mauritania and Guinea. Mr. Gustafsson has enough knowledge that is applicable to the style
of mineralisation and sort of deposition underneath care and to the wake up that he is endeavour to
qualify as a Competent Person as tangible in the 2004 Edition of the ‘Australasian Code for Reporting of
Exploration Results, Mineral Resources and Ore Reserves’. Mr. Gustafsson consents to the inclusion in this
report of the counts formed on his inform in the form and context in that it appears.

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Giving ‘Big’ Makes Comeback at Nation’s Top Charity Wine Auction

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Giving ‘Big’ Makes Comeback at Nation’s Top Charity Wine Auction

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